Sunday, September 16, 2018

Compressors in the range of high-quality compressed air in the field of 1040 to 808 W anesthetic air compressors are used in dentistry and medical applications. Silent and free maintenance. These compressors provide clean or clean air. So that any requirements for this field of activities are met

Main features:

No oil
Very low noise levels
Clean air
Tanks with inner cover
Thermal protector with manual adjustment


Monday, July 30, 2018

The new series of screw compressors Behsan ( Series D ) is designed for the needs of all compressed air users in a variety of modes and in models of 5.5 horsepower to 20 horsepower. Simply, economically and with the new advanced technology ( Silver D ), a fully-integrated device Al for customers who need a fully-equipped compact air conditioner.

Product Key Features : 

  1. High efficiency and reliability
  2. Effective cooling system
  3. Easy control system Behsan
  4. Easy data reading
  5. Insulation class IP 54
  6. Continuous rotation of the electric motor
  7. Very low noise levels, sound proof panels
  8. Long lifetime high performance over time
  9. Air drying is optimal and efficient
  10. Solid chassis, with drain valve


Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The cost of energy and maintenance costs are definitely the most important elements in managing an air compressor for industrial use.
But no matter, they are more than the initial investment cost. Compressors that use "inverted" technology will ensure lower costs for energy and maintenance to optimize the response to commercial needs in terms of actual consumption.
For these benefits, the possibility of maintaining constant pressure in the distribution lines should be taken into account, even in the absence of balanced balances with very long lines! Energy saving means not only less, but also to protect the environment we are in.
Accordingly, the Compressor Behsan offers (BEHSAN) a new series of compressors equipped with the latest generation of inverters. (With power of 10 to 60 hp).
The advantages of these compressors:

  1. Eliminating the engine's peak at startup
  2. Coordination between consumption and air load produced during compression
  3. Reduction of pressure fluctuations in line
  4. Reduced operating pressures for mechanical components such as motors, compressors and others
Technical specifications of the inverter compressor Behsan :


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Compressed air with dust and oil vapor also has a certain amount of moisture, which is drawn from the outside environment, which can cause condensate.
Therefore, to ensure the correct operation of the pneumatic equipment, the relative humidity inside the compressed air must be reduced significantly.
The company BEHSAN The range of cooling dryers is available to people with the name (TDRY) and its components.
The operation of the drying driers Behsan (TDRY) is indicated by an electronic controller.

Technical details (TDRY) BEHSAN:

  • Status dryer
  • Fan status
  • point index Frost

Intelligent tank drain valve:

All of the dryers Behsan are equipped with a liquid drain valve, which is used with electronic sensors to discharge only condensate without the loss of compressed air.

benefits :

  1. Avoid leakage of compressed air
  2. energy saving
  3. No Noise
  4. Equipped with on / off control
  5. Equipped with general alarm control